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Green technology for sustainable land clearing

23 March 2017

Text: Alastair Macduff

photo: Gyro-Trac

First published in Bolted #1 2017.

Customer: Gyro-Trac
Market share, North America: 60% for mulching machines
Location: Factory in Quebec, Canada. HQ in South Carolina, USA
Products used: NL3/8″ & NL 20 washers
Applications: Mulching machines, bio-energy balers

The importance of sustainability in land clearing is reflected in the product range of North American company Gyro-Trac. With a 21-year history of manufacturing mulching machines, its focus is now also on creating bio-energy balers for easy packaging, transportation and storage.

As the mulching machines clear unwanted trees, this green technology leaves soil structures intact, eliminates erosion and run-off pollution. The machines can mulch trees to the ground, leaving the roots of neighbouring trees undamaged.

Nord-Lock has provided high-quality wedge-locking washers to Gyro­-Trac for around 15 years. The washers maintain the balance of their mulching machines, extending the life cycle and sharpness of the teeth in the process.

The washers also play an important role in Gyro-Trac’s Bio-Baling System. The system involves compressing biomass in such a way that no compost is created and no burning is required. For Gyro-Trac’s customers, the added costs of hauling and dumping are eliminated, while onsite storage of the one-tonne bales promotes sustainable land use.

Daniel Gaudreault, owner of Gyro-Trac, says: “The teeth are the heart of the machines we produce. We have never had a problem with Nord-Lock washers and their reliability has been vital to our continued success.”

Video: Step by step – installing Superbolt Expansion bolts

Installing Superbolt Expansion bolts at EDF hydro electric power station

First published in Bolted #1 2017.

Don’t miss the new Nord-Lock Group video that focuses on the hands-on aspects of our Expansion bolt technology.

The video takes you through an entire Superbolt Expansion bolt installation process, from preparation and positioning to the fitting of the bolts into the holes when aligned.

The video was filmed on location at the EDF hydro electric power station, Usine Électrique de Malgovert, in the beautiful French Alps, where electricity generator giant EDF joined forces with the Nord-Lock Group to install Superbolt on the Malgovert turbines.

“EDF chose Superbolt Expansion bolts to simplify future maintenance. Ease of installation and removal due to the expanding sleeve technology insures against future damage to coupling bolt and coupling holes. There is no longer a need to re-machine holes or replace bolts,” says Steve Brown, expansion bolt specialist with the Nord-Lock Group. “This film is for everyone who wants the optimal bolted coupling, using and making the most of a Superbolt installation.”


The new issue of Bolted digs deeper into the best way of tightening a critical bolt!

The March issue of Bolted magazine will be hitting the desks soon! As usual we invite you on a journey to explore interesting cases and insights from the world of bolting.

This edition’s theme article revolves around hydraulic torquing and tensioning. We play off one against the other in an attempt to answer which is the best method of tightening critical bolts.

In the process of creating this issue we have talked to many satisfied customers from around the world! We will take you to Nuremberg where we have a closer look at a better and more cost-efficient way to renovate track beds in their railway underground system, without weeks of construction and chaos caused by delays and diversions.

This issue also features sustainable mulching machines exposed to extreme vibration, KTM sports motorcycles solving issues with customized Nord-Lock products, and a customer who creates waves with a special buoy as a source of renewable energy.

At the same time we are glad to inform that this edition is also available in Spanish! Bolted magazine is now published in 9 languages: English, German, French, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

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Installing a Bolt Tensioner from Boltight

Designed with the benefit of more than 30 years experience in the field, Boltight has created a range of tools to meet the challenge of today’s bolt tensioning requirements.

Just watch how easy it is to install these tensioners!

Click here for more information about Boltight.

Easy installation of Expander System makes lives easier

Stora Enso focuses on providing renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions and paper globally. The company has realized the benefits of the Expander System’s unique solution and mounted Expander pivot pins on their packaging machines where the pivot wear was extensive.

The result was prolonged life span of the machines and no downtime due to pivot wear.

‘We use the Expander System because it is easy to install.’ – says Lennart Larsson from the Hydraulics department at Stora Enso.

The pivot pins are installed directly into the existing mounting without expensive and time-consuming welding and line-boring. ‘These pivot pins mean less wear and definitely made our lives easier’.

Hydraulic tensioners for compact flanges

Boltight’s Xtra Load range of bolt tensioners is used extensively in the offshore oil and gas industry for bolting compact flanges.

The 1500 bar system delivers 30% more load than Boltight’s standard range in a smaller space envelope without compromising on safety, reliability and accuracy. This lightweight and innovative design was developed to suit all common sized ANSI, API and Norsok L005 compact flanges.

Watch the video demonstrating the tensioning process with Xtra Load tensioner.


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Expander System saves a day of work

Gamleby Forest is a logging company with a number of harvesters in their fleet. The machines generally operate year round and eliminating expensive downtime is always a priority at Gamleby.

Upon inspection of one of the harvesters, the machine operator discovered a wear in the lugs between the boom and pillars. The owner of the company, who often does repairs himself, had some experience with the Expander System in the past. He immediately decided to replace the original pin in the harvester with the Expander solution.

The whole replacement process took merely two hours. The Expander solution was installed directly into the worn lugs. The double-sided locking on the Expander pivot pin provided increased stability, security and minimized wear in the joint.

If Gamleby Forest chose to use a new original pin instead of pivot pin from Expander, they would have to transport the harvester to their workshop to mount the pin there. Practically a whole day would be required to complete the replacement. A traditional repair, moreover, would only solve the problem for the moment – wear would occur again.

After the replacement the harvester was back in the operation within a couple of hours and Gamleby Forest became yet another satisfied customer of the Expander System.

Quadrupled machine life and thousands of dollars saved

The Yanacocha Mine in Northern Peru is one of the largest gold mines in the world. As in any industry, downtime means lost productivity and – as a result – lost money. Keeping the operations running is always of the utmost importance.

Minimizing production shortfalls and lowering the life cycle cost of the machinery and equipment is a constant challenge for the service and maintenance crew.

The useful life of the conventional pins in the stabilizer linkage on CAT’s 793B fleet was calculated to be 5.000 hrs. The machine was then brought in for disassembly, line-boring and re-pinning as part of crew’s maintenance schedule.

In 2003 the decision was made to put Expander System to the test.

A mining truck was fitted with pivot pins from Expander System and they outlasted the conventional solution by four times. The Expander pivot pins were checked every 5.000 hours and were not replaced until the 20.000 hour maintenance check. During the replacement no line-boring was needed and the whole procedure was completed in a few hours instead of days as it would in case of the conventional solution.

The cost savings where Expander pins were fitted were calculated to be over $30.000. While the test was ongoing and proven successful, the Yanacocha Mine maintenance department decided to start using the Expander System in many other pivot applications on their haul truck fleet.

The Yanacocha Mine is also using the Expander System on several vital wear points on Motor Graders and Wheel Loaders.