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Video: Step by step – installing Superbolt Expansion bolts

Installing Superbolt Expansion bolts at EDF hydro electric power station

First published in Bolted #1 2017.

Don’t miss the new Nord-Lock Group video that focuses on the hands-on aspects of our Expansion bolt technology.

The video takes you through an entire Superbolt Expansion bolt installation process, from preparation and positioning to the fitting of the bolts into the holes when aligned.

The video was filmed on location at the EDF hydro electric power station, Usine Électrique de Malgovert, in the beautiful French Alps, where electricity generator giant EDF joined forces with the Nord-Lock Group to install Superbolt on the Malgovert turbines.

“EDF chose Superbolt Expansion bolts to simplify future maintenance. Ease of installation and removal due to the expanding sleeve technology insures against future damage to coupling bolt and coupling holes. There is no longer a need to re-machine holes or replace bolts,” says Steve Brown, expansion bolt specialist with the Nord-Lock Group. “This film is for everyone who wants the optimal bolted coupling, using and making the most of a Superbolt installation.”


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    16 April 2017

    Very educative to all Engineers.

    • Evan (Nord-Lock Group)

      21 April 2017

      Thank you and we are glad that you like the video!