Nord-Lock X-series washers

The Nord-Lock X-series washer is an exceptional new product, giving customers extreme performance and safety, as well as the extra security of never having to risk making the wrong choice. With Nord-Lock X-series, we bring exciting new ideas to the bolt securing field that expand your design possibilities for excellent results.

New technologies and demands are creating unique design challenges. Designers need to take into account things such as thick surface coatings to fight corrosion, new sandwich composite technologies, and many more. Joints increasingly need to be able to withstand stresses from multiple fronts, including: spontaneous bolt loosening due to vibration and dynamic loads, and slackening due to settlement and relaxation.

Utilizing a unique multifunctional design, Nord-Lock X-series washers offer the highest security against both spontaneous bolt loosening and slackening. Combining Nord-Lock’s unrivaled wedge-effect solution (to prevent spontaneous loosening) with an exceptional spring effect (to compensate for loss of preload due to slackening), Nord-Lock X-series washers give you a total security option for those situations in which there can be no compromise.

If you wish to perform your own real-life testing and evaluation of Nord-Lock X-series washers for your application, please contact your local Nord-Lock representative through Contact us.

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