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Boltight hydraulic tensioning tools are in use worldwide, from the high performance standard tooling ranges to the uniquely designed, specialised systems engineered specifically to suit market and application requirements.

Power Generation

Boltight_Market-Segment_PowerPowerBoltight hydraulic tensioners are used in bolting operations of turbine casings, piping, pumps and valves. Specialised pressure vessel single tools as well as MST flange tensioners are supplied for nuclear reactor and generator bolting. Specialised bolt tensioners are also available for hydro sector.

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Boltight_Market-Segment_WindWind Boltight solutions are used on wind turbine tower base bolts, frame, bearing and blade bolted joints. There are single and multi-stage bolt tensioners, foundation bolt tooling and a compact electric 1500 bar pump that is light and easy to handle in the field.

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Oil & Gas

Boltight_Market-Segment_Oil-GasBoltight standard, spring return and Xtra load bolt tensioners are used both onshore and offshore on pipeline flanges, compact flanges, heat exchangers, cranes, pumps, valves and other critical bolting applications. The Boltight Echometer provides a fast and accurate method for monitoring bolt elongation using the latest ultrasonic technology.

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Boltight_Market-Segment_SubseaSubseaSpecially designed subsea tensioners and pulling tools are used on flanges and structural clamps.

The VORTEX subsea range of bolt tensioners provides an environmentally friendly approach to saving diver time and controlling operational costs.

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Boltight_Market-Segment_IndustrialIndustrialBoltight solutions are used extensively across many industry sectors – bridges, tunnels, foundation bolting, gas / diesel engines, presses, pumps, valves, heavy machines, marine and more.

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