Full lifecycle warranty across all technologies

Nord-Lock Group technologies have an unmatched reputation for reliability, performance and security. They are field-tested for thousands of hours, and put through the most demanding trials their application is likely to experience. When we offer a solution, we expect it to perform above and beyond anything in its class.

The Nord-Lock Group is now the first bolt-securing partner to offer a full lifecycle warranty across all of its technologies. The Nord-Lock Group Lifetime Warranty ensures your solution will perform as expected from the moment it is installed until the end of its intended lifecycle.

It’s the best warranty in the industry. But we doubt you’ll ever need it.

You can find detailed warranty information about each Nord-Lock Group technology in the Downloads section. Should you have any questions or would like to register a claim, your local Nord-Lock sales office will always stand by to assist you. Alternatively email info@nord-lock.com for instructions.

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