How the Expander System works?

The System consists of an assembly that includes: an axle which is tapered at both ends, two expansion sleeves, two tension washers and two fasteners. The Expander System can also be integrated with Nord-Lock washers for vibration intense applications. When the fasteners are torqued, the tension washers push the expansion sleeves up the tapered part of the pin, thereby locking the system into the lug ears and eliminating movement that causes pivot wear.

The double-sided locking mechanism provides increased stability, security and a backlash-free joint. Installation can be easily done in the field, reducing downtime and cost.

Technical illustration of Expander System

How it works:

A. Expander System is installed directly into the existing mounting without expensive welding and line boring.

B. Upon tightening the fasteners, the washer presses the slotted expansion sleeve up the tapered ends of the pin.

C. The sleeves expand, conform with the wear pattern and lock the system in the lug ears.

D. Once retorqued, according to the instructions provided, the system will lock from both sides and significantly increasing overall stability.

E. Easy to remove and reinstall compared to regular straight pins.