Manufactured to meet the highest standards

Expander System solutions are manufactured to the highest quality standards in Åtvidaberg, Sweden and in DeWitt, Iowa, USA. Our production has strict quality-control procedures and complete traceability within the manufacturing process. An extensive inventory is maintained for high-use components to provide shorter lead times.

Our state-of-the-art engineering and design process combined with our production scheduling technology enhances our competitive edge and allows us to provide cost-efficient Expander products for any application.

► Research & Development

Our team of engineers are experts in the field of pivot technology and have extensive knowledge of joints in machinery and other equipment. Through collaboration with machine manufacturers and customers we have developed assemblies which are superior and tested to the most rigorous requirements.

We continue to design and test new assemblies and special solutions to end the problem of pivot wear. We also provide technical support for customers from beginning to the end.

► Quality assurance

Since its founding in 1986, Expander has continuously improved the quality and functionality of the Expander System. Through field testing under the most extreme conditions we verify maximum reliability and operational safety while optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Every Expander System product is inspected and tested throughout the manufacturing process prior to approval for release. With the latest computer technology, we can control the entire process from design to distribution, giving you the quality you deserve in product, delivery and performance.

expander-system_design-quality_1 expander-system_design-quality_2

► Certification

The patented Expander System is designed and produced to customer specifications. The system has been tested, inspected and approved by DNV for the offshore industry, as well as by TÜV Rhineland. Expander is certified to ISO 9001 standards for quality assurance.