Construction and Bridge Building

Buildings and bridges need to last the test of time, and that means using the right materials

We use them everyday, but few will stop to appreciate the care, expertise and planning that goes into constructing buildings, bridges and public infrastructure.

Architects, engineers, builders, plumbers, and electricians, are just some of the many professions that need to combine their expertise. And that’s just the personnel. There is also equipment and materials, all of which need to ensure a construction site is safe, productivity is high, and that the final result is strong and durable.

Throughout the whole process, bolt security is vital. Construction sites are crawling with powerful machinery such as excavators, cranes and drills, where bolted joints are subjected to vibration and dynamic loads. Bolt security is also essential for the entire life span of the finished structure, which often has a life expectancy counted in centuries. Tall skyscrapers, long bridges and tunnels deep beneath the ground, all have countless joints where accessibility is difficult, but security is vital for safety and functionality. Even the biggest and strongest structures can be compromised by the smallest of joints.

For infrastructure investments with a high life-time expectancy, the Nord-Lock Group offers safe and durable bolting. Additionally, as an innovative leader in bolt securing, we have the engineering skills needed to secure innovative solutions in construction design.

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