Forestry & Agriculture

Keeping up with productivity across fields and forests

Forestry and agriculture are amongst the earliest industries in existence. Long before manufacturing, construction or engineering, human civilization has been chopping down wood and harvesting produce. Despite being overtaken by many other industries since, it still forms a vital part of any economy and society.

The basic principles remain the same – chopping down trees, plowing fields, and harvesting produce. What has changed is the technology, which is continuously becoming better, more advanced, and more powerful. The old notions of hard-working farmers and lumber jacks toiling with their bare hands have long been consigned to history, with today’s farms and wood mills operating more like factories.

Like all machinery, materials and bolting solutions are fundamental to productivity. Whether it’s on tractor engines, industrial wood chippers or irrigation systems, Nord-Lock Group products are helping countless customers the world over ensure their businesses remain productive.

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