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Manufacturing operations all over the world rely on a variety of presses to create parts. To keep these industrial heavyweights operational, careful attention must be paid to the bolted joints.

Forging parts, molding objects, shaping pieces – large presses do these tasks everyday and perform them quickly and efficiently. As press designs become larger and larger, the demands on their bolted joints becomes more and more extreme.  In many cases, the only viable bolting solution available on the market today, is the Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioner (MJT).

Presses exist in many different configurations, including mechanical presses driven by a flywheel. The most common, however, is the tried and true Hydraulic Press, which covers most press designs. While many configurations of hydraulic presses exist, the most common configuration uses four or more large threaded columns or tie rods that are the main structural components of the machine. Regardless of the type of press, a working load is generated which must be resisted by the main columns. Traditional column nuts on the ends of these machines are attempted to be tightened in many ways, including hydraulic nuts or heating methods. As the required  tonnage of a press goes up, the loads (and therefore the columns) can be massive. Superbolt MJTs can tighten any size or diameter column or tie rod with simple tools and the cost of the MJTs can often be less than that of the large OEM replacements nuts. Superbolt tensioners have been fitted for column nuts in sizes up to 40” diameter threads (50,000 Ton forging press).

While forging presses are the most common application for Superbolt tensioners, they have also been incorporated into casting, molding, forming, injection molding, extrusion and industry specific presses such as plywood, pulp, rubber, and even large presses for industrial laundry water reclamation.  There is no end to the applications for presses and fortunately the Nord-lock Group has safe and reliable bolting solutions for your specific needs!


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