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The small components that power international trade

Every day billions of dollars’ worth of goods and merchandise are ferried across the world’s seas via cargo ships. It’s fair to say that the shipping industry is the backbone of international trade as they carry the huge and heavy goods between continents. But for all their size and power, cargo ships would be nothing without the millions of smaller components that keep them running. The sheer number of bolted joints on any one ship means that it is hugely beneficial to have fastener solutions that can be applied quickly and easily. Weight and size are also important considerations, to be able to maximize both space and fuel efficiency.

The fact that many Nord-Lock Group products are small and efficient has made them common throughout the whole industry. But not only are they quick and easy to apply, they are also corrosion resistant, which is essential considering the exposure to seawater inherent in this environment. As maintenance also need to be easy to carry out even in middle of the Pacific Ocean, the fact that Nord-Lock products can be maintained using hand tools is also an appreciated advantage. For the above reasons, combined with superior locking capabilities, solutions from Nord-Lock Group are common throughout the whole ship building industry, from large cargo ships and tankers, right down to the critical joints on yachts and ferries.

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