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When you work with the Nord-Lock Group, you get more than our innovative bolting solutions. We add value throughout the project and make sure that your bolting application pays back multiple times!

Utilizing our unique knowledge and tools, we can assist you in generating a complete and detailed design view of your bolted connections and securing methods. Our many years of experience enables us to evaluate any reliability issues along with providing cost justification. The entire purpose is to increase your applications’ profitability and productivity, along with other total cost savings derived from optimized bolted joints.

We have several tools available to ensure that you get the most cost effective solution. Further information and some examples of this are shown below. However, the best way to achieve reliability and cost optimization is through a mutual discussion, so that we can learn about your specific challenge.

  • If you are considering Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners, a recommended reading is the paper «Cost Justification and Reliability Benefits of Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners» by Allan Steinbock.
  • Online calculation tool – the Nord-Lock Profitability Calculator. This tool will help you compare all factors related to bolt security comparing our Nord-Lock washers to other commonly used solutions. Note that the calculator requires that we approve you as a user, either you can apply on the site or contact your local Nord-Lock office to receive a login.


Independently of your challenge or alternatives that you want to compare, we will be able to assist you.


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