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Release of the updated Nord-Lock washer brochure including new torque guidelines

Nord-Lock Group have released the new washer brochure. Download your own version directly at our Download Center.

Main changes include:

  • A page presenting our whole product offer including Superbolt and Boltight products.
  • Updated product data.
  • Updated torque guidelines.


Nord-Lock is constantly evolving our product range and also our guidelines on how to make the best use of our products in different environments and circumstances. The purpose to provide recommended torque values is to allow our customers to maximize the preload achieved in joints secured with Nord-Lock washers.

We have chosen to update the values to provide you with our latest conclusions based on new laboratory test results. The previous torque value guidelines can still be used with good results, but the new values will allow customers to reach closer to an optimum preload value.

If you have questions regarding the brochure or the update of the torque guidelines, please contact your local Nord-Lock representative or e-mail us through info@nord-lock.com.

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