Boltight hydraulic tensioning

Specialist design advanced technology

Boltight solutions have been at the forefront of the hydraulic tensioning business for many years. By working in partnership with customers, new ways to deliver cost-effective solutions for numerous industrial bolting applications have been developed with Boltight. The tensioning tools feature advanced technology and are built to the highest standards. Continuous product development and improvement ensure that Boltight remains at the forefront in the hydraulic tensioning of bolts, whilst guaranteeing that the tools always satisfy customers’ needs.

Key features and benefits

All hydraulic systems and tooling engineered by Boltight are built to exacting safety standards.

  • Strong and robust designs ensure durability and long operating life
  • Lightweight designs ensure tools are easy to work with
  • Precise engineering offers smooth, trouble free operation
  • Composite material seals for easy piston retraction
  • All tensioner equipment conforms to European Pressure Equipment Directive and is CE marked


Boltight hydr


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