No Need For Retightening - Secured by Nord-Lock

Introducing the world's most secure bolted connection

What is No Need For Retightening (NNFR)?No Need For Retightening bolts and packaging

No Need For Retightening is a concept developed by the Nord-Lock Group. NNFR is delivered as a kit consisting of the Nord-Lock washers and quality ensured components together with assembly instructions and certification for assembly personnel. The kit is delivered pre-assembled and pre-lubricated. The assembly instruction and certification of assembly personnel will ensure that the bolted connections are secured properly right from the first installation, requiring less focus on maintenance and overhaul.

The concept seeks to meet the strictest safety requirements. When the parameters are met, rig owners and operators can apply to classification bodies for exception from for example annual torque control, which potentially can save millions.

With a starting point in Norway, Nord-Lock has a close collaboration together with Dokka Fasteners to offer No Need For Retightening as “Bolted by Dokka”. Nord-Lock and Dokka are currently marketing the concept to a limited group of high profile customers in the Oil & Gas and Wind Power industries. The innovation has a lot of potential and was nominated for the ONS innovation award in 2014.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased safety and reduced cost.
  • Increased operational reliability by reducing risk of stoppage in production.
  • Easy inspection due to painted ends on bolts.
  • Less corrective actions and bolt replacements.


What is the range offered?

The standard NNFR kit will consist of EN 14399 compliant nuts and bolts from Dokka Fasteners and Nord-Lock’s SC-washers. The range will be from M12-M36 and the bolts will come in different lengths.

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