Helpful tips

Important considerations when applying Superbolt MJT tensioners for potential various field application scenarios.

Centering of washer on thread

Make sure the washer is not resting on one side of undercuts or radius of mating studs.

Material with low strength

A thicker and larger washer or an additional washer may be necessary when materials with low strength are used on the joint.

Large or slotted holes

An additional washer or a large washer is necessary to transfer the bolt load to a supported surface.

Space requirements

Check for space restrictions for socket and wrench combination.

Tensioner at the end of stud

An additional distance spacer may be necessary to bring tensioner closer to the end of the stud for proper socket fit.

Very long through stud

A special tensioner with a larger circle of jackbolts may be necessary to properly access the jackbolts for tightening.


If you have any questions on your particular application, please contact local Nord-Lock office and we will help you find the best solution.