H650T - Medium temperature, tall tensioner

Nut-style multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJTs) are an innovative bolting product that will eliminate expensive and dangerous tooling. Only hand/air tools are required to install or remove any size MJT.


H650T tensioners replace “acorn” and “castle” nuts and are intended for use where space is limited. They are lubricated with JL-G graphite lubricant.


Selection Guide:

  • H650T – Medium temperature, tall
  • Dimension range: M24-M100 (1” – 4”)
  • Approx. bolt stress depending on size: 310 N/mm2 (45 ksi)
  • Temperature range: up to 350ºC (up to 650ºF)
  • Surface treatment: optional
  • Application examples: split lines on turbines, engines, pumps, compressors, etc.
  • Note: Also for applications with limited space in diameter