The permanent solution for pivot wear

Pivot wear is a common problem with all machinery. Repairs involve a costly, time-consuming process with significant downtime and must be repeated several times over a machine’s life.

The Expander System offers an advanced, cost effective solution that prevents pivot wear, once and for all. With Expander System, the repair can be carried out directly in the worn mountings without welding and line boring, a solution that is permanent.

The Expander System has been field tested for over 50,000 hours without failure. Each system is tested and approved for its specific application. The Expander System is available in sizes and versions for all types of pivot positions. More than 60,000 different Expander System solutions for over 10,000 types of machines have been developed. Our experience and knowledge allows us to offer custom made solutions even if the wear dimensions are beyond the size of a traditional pivot pin.







  • Expander System saves a day of work

    Gamleby Forest is a logging company with a number of harvesters in their fleet. The machines generally operate year round (…)

  • 机器寿命翻两番,节省上千美元

    秘鲁北部的Yanacocha金矿是世界上最大的金矿之一。任何行业都一样,停工即意味着产量的损失,由此也必然导致经济损失。持续运营一直都是至关重要的。 最小化产量损失,降低机械和设备的生命周期成本是服务和维修团队面临的长期挑战。 经计算,CAT 793B车队稳定器连杆上的传统销钉的使用寿命为5000小时。作为团队维修日程的一部分,采用本机器进行拆解、直线镗削和重新固定。2003年,Expander膨胀销系统开始试验。 采矿卡车配备了来自Expander膨胀销系统的中心销钉,使用寿命是传统解决方案的四倍。每5000小时检查一次Expander膨胀销,直到20000小时的维修检查时才需要更换。更换时无需直线镗削,整个流程在几小时内即可完成,并不会像传统解决方案那样所需数日。 安装了Expander膨胀销系统能节省超过30000美元的成本。在进行试验并取得成功的同时,Yanacocha金矿维修部门决定在他们的托运卡车车队的更多其他枢轴应用中采用Expander系统。 Yanacocha金矿还在一些自动平地机和装载机的其他重要磨损点使用了Expander膨胀销系统。