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New issue of Bolted magazine out now!

The 2018 March issue of Bolted magazine is available now! As with every edition we have filled the magazine with interesting cases and insights from the world of bolting.

In this issue of Bolted, we take a closer look at what goes into the manufacturing process of traditional bolts – from raw steel to tailor-made applications.

We ask expert Filemon Schöffer about the potentials with 3D-printing, and we meet German company “MMG” who is a world leader in production of propellers for large container ships.

And of course a lot more.

Bolted magazine is available in 9 languages – Read them now:

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New issue of Bolted magazine out now!

The 2017 September issue of Bolted magazine is available now! As with every issue we have filled the magazine with interesting cases and insights from the world of bolting.

In this edition, our theme article focus on lug wear which is a common issue for pivot joints. But why does it occur, what solutions exist and do they solve the root cause of the problem?

You will find out more about Expander System in our customer case, where we visited Danish company Viggo Benz who delivers solutions and equipment for crushing, demolition and sorting.

Also, see how Nord-Lock washers secure containers that transport radioactive substances, where there is no room for equipment failure.

Last but not least, don’t miss out on how and why we now offer lifetime warranty throughout our product range.

Bolted magazine is available in 9 languages – download them now:

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Last week at the Fastener Fair 2017

We had a great time at last week’s Fastener Fair in Stuttgart!

This international leading trade show, held once every two years, attracts thousands of visitors from the industry and we would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth!

We took this opportunity to launch our Lifetime Warranty program, and to share other exciting news from the Nord-Lock Group such as extended temperature range for usage of the steel washers, or introduction of our innovative tensioner VersaTite.

We are looking forward to being your trusted partner in safe and efficient bolting and hope to see you at the next trade show!


The new issue of Bolted digs deeper into the best way of tightening a critical bolt!

The March issue of Bolted magazine will be hitting the desks soon! As usual we invite you on a journey to explore interesting cases and insights from the world of bolting.

This edition’s theme article revolves around hydraulic torquing and tensioning. We play off one against the other in an attempt to answer which is the best method of tightening critical bolts.

In the process of creating this issue we have talked to many satisfied customers from around the world! We will take you to Nuremberg where we have a closer look at a better and more cost-efficient way to renovate track beds in their railway underground system, without weeks of construction and chaos caused by delays and diversions.

This issue also features sustainable mulching machines exposed to extreme vibration, KTM sports motorcycles solving issues with customized Nord-Lock products, and a customer who creates waves with a special buoy as a source of renewable energy.

At the same time we are glad to inform that this edition is also available in Spanish! Bolted magazine is now published in 9 languages: English, German, French, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

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Merry Christmas from the Nord-Lock Group

As the holiday season is upon us, the Nord-Lock Group would like to take this opportunity and wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! With recent acquisitions and new technologies in our product portfolio it’s been quite a year for us all! We hope that 2016 has been just as memorable for you and everyone who has been helping us fulfil our mission of safeguarding human lives and customer investments.

This year the Nord-Lock Group is making a donation to Reach for Change charity on behalf of all employees. Reach for Change is an organization that finds exceptional social entrepreneurs – people that are passionate about creating a better world for children and who have an innovative idea on how to do it, and then helps them succeed. Read more at


Launching the Nord-Lock Group logotype

With recent acquisitions and new technologies in our product portfolio, we believe that the Nord-Lock Group deserves its own identity. As a multi-technology organization within secure bolting solutions we proudly introduce our new Group logotype:


‘The new Nord-Lock Group logotype shows our customers that they are dealing with one company, no matter what bolting challenges they are facing and which technologies in our portfolio that best suit their needs.’ – says Ola Ringdahl, CEO of the Nord-Lock Group.

With four strong technologies, the Nord-Lock Group is on a mission to create a safer world.


In this same process, the Superbolt logotype has been refined as you can see above. Bill Myers, Division Director Superbolt, comments:
“Since 1985, Superbolt has used the same basic logotype. The updated  logotype reflects the development and innovation we have been undergoing and is a signal of modern and effective solutions to come”.


Nord-Lock Group showcasing Expander ® System at MINExpo 2016

MINExpo is one of the largest mining shows on-and under-earth. Held every four years in Las Vegas, the fair is an excellent platform for bringing together mining experts from all over the globe, as well as showcasing everything what’s new in mining – from state-of-the-art products and services to innovative technologies.

Nord-Lock Group has a long track record of helping customers in the mining industry through safe and secure bolting solutions. “MINExpo was a great opportunity for us to see what is in the market place. The show was three days and within that time we never saw show traffic go down. We had a great presence keeping people engaged and a great turn out in attendees that visited us at the show.” – says Pam Corn, Marketing Manager at Nord-Lock, Inc. / Superbolt, Inc.

The main focus at this year’s MINExpo was the introduction of the Expander ® System to the Nord-Lock product portfolio. Acquired by the Nord-Lock Group in July, Expander ® System offers a modern cost-effective solution that stops pivot wear and eliminates line boring.

The solution is effective and reliable, with documented success in many industries, including mining. “MINExpo was my first opportunity to meet the people representing other technologies within the Group,” said Gene Roberts, Director of Business Development, Expander.  “These are really great people and everyone was very excited about Expander coming on board. It is easy to see how each product offering complements the other, widening the solution opportunities for new and existing customers. As I visited each mine customer looking over the machines on display, it was easy to see opportunities for each technology. I went away from the show with positive feelings about the company, the people and the expanded product options we will now be working with.”

The Expander pivot technology further strengthens the total offer of the Nord-Lock Group, which also includes Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers, Superbolt™ multi-jackbolt tensioners and Boltight™ hydraulic tensioning. The combined range and the unique expertise vested within each technology brings tremendous opportunities for the future.

Find out more about Expander solutions

Boltight hydraulic tensioning showcased at Power-Gen Europe

The Nord-Lock Group has been serving the Power Generation industry for many years, providing safe and secure bolting solutions. At the recent Power-Gen Europe exhibition in Milan (Italy), we presented our extensive range of bolting technologies, which includes Nord-Lock wedge-locking solutions, Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioning and Boltight hydraulic tensioning. Our bolting experts provided live demonstrations of the different technologies and engaged in technical discussions with our visitors.

“Power-Gen Europe is a big international event and we are glad to represent the Nord-Lock Group in presenting our range of innovative bolting solutions that have been widely used within this industry”, said Luca Gheddo, General Manager of Nord-Lock Italy.

The main highlight of this exhibition was the Boltight hydraulic tensioning system. Boltight hydraulic tensioners are designed and manufactured for all sectors of the Power Generation industry. The solutions are frequently utilized for critical bolting operations during construction and maintenance of turbine casings, piping, pumps and valves. Boltight tools are used on wind turbine bolting applications, from foundation and tower bolting to blade, nacelle and hub / gearbox bolting. Other common applications include nuclear reactor and generator bolting.

Find out more about Boltight solutions

View the video interview from Power-Gen Europe with our experts to know more about Boltight: