Junker Tests for large, critical bolted joints

Junker Tests for large, critical bolted joints

Junker Test Capability Up To M48

This Junker test machine is designed to test bolted connections with bolt sizes up to M48. That is why we named our invention - Super Junker. 

Test capability: M20 (M8) - M48

Fully compliant to standards:

  • DIN 25201-4
  • DIN 65151
  • ISO 16130

Super Junker - Innovation started by customer demands

Proof of experience and quality assurance when it comes to engineering expertise

Nord-Lock have performed thousands of Junker test during the years, gaining vast experience in safe bolted joints. So when a customer requested tests for very large dimensions we took on the challenge. Nord-Lock Group is the only company to have this capability to test bolted joints up to M48.


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