Going with the Flow

A heaving metropolis like New York needs a lot of water. It may be the city that never sleeps but it certainly drinks, bathes and cleans. Assisting in the mammoth task of supplying water for over eight million people is British company Blackhall Engineering, who have just produced four 60” bore Larner-Johnson® valves for the city.

The valves will control the flow of water from New York’s deepest reservoir, the Ashokan Reservoir in the Catskills Mountains. Each valve weighs a massive 17 tons and has a flow rate of 19 tons per second. When fully operational 450 million gallons of water will gush through the valves every day, supplying 60% of New York’s water.

In constructing the valves’ internal gearboxes, Blackhall elected to use Nord-Lock washers because of their superior anti-loosening properties. Once the valves are in place the internal gearbox cannot be accessed, so it is absolutely vital that all fasteners remain secure. Due to the sheer volume of water that will pass through the valves, even the smallest failure can be critical. After seeing a demonstration of Nord-Lock’s capabilities, Blackhall knew they had found their ideal fastener retention system.

Customer: Blackhall Engineering
Model: Larner Johnson® valves
Weight: 17 tons
Flow rate: 19 cubic metres per second
Water throughput per day: 450 million gallons (1.7 billion litres)