Buy Nord-Lock washers here

Buy Nord-Lock washers here

Here you can order smaller quantities or sample packs for fast delivery worldwide. If you require larger quantities, a quote or help please contact us directly and we will help you.

Select washer

1. Bolt size

2. Washer material

3. Washer outer diameter

  1. Bolt size: Equals our washers designation. E.g. NL6 washers fit with M6 bolt, NL1/2” fits with 1/2” bolt.
  2. Washer material: For a steel bolt, use steel washers and for a stainless-steel bolt, use stainless-steel washers.
  3. Washer outer diameter: Washers with a standard outer diameter are the most commonly used, but if you have an enlarged or slotted hole, we recommend washers with an enlarged outer diameter for better load distribution.

Explanation in how to read the product name: NL6spss-254

NL Nord-Lock
6 Washer size, e.g. 6 fits with M6 bolt
sp Indicates washers with enlarged outer diameter
ss-254 Indicates washers with special materials e.g. ss-254 is stainless steel

Nord-Lock original washers

We have two categories of wedge-locking washers available in blister packs; steel and stainless steel. Both are manufactured in various sizes with either a standard or enlarged outer diameter. You can select your preferred model below.