We can secure any connection where failure is not an option

While very few people are aware of it, our daily lives are full of millions of bolted connections. Just about every physical object we come across everyday, either features bolts, or was manufactured by something using bolts. Wherever you are right now, chances are it won’t take you long to spot a bolted connection. 

On the surface, bolting is simply a matter of securing connections and making sure they stay tight, but it is relying on a host of other parameters. Materials, conditions, size, scale, clamp load, time, capacity, space, surrounding environment – they can all make the difference between a bolt staying tight or becoming loose.

A critical joint is a joint where the consequences of failure are considered large. As joints hold most everything together, the consequences can be in the form of damage to equipment, downtime or even human lives. For over thirty years, the Nord-Lock Group has designed and delivered bolted solutions to a vast array of customers in a wide variety of fields. We secure the connections where nothing can go wrong.

Our standard range can solve countless bolted challenges in just about every industry, and we have a team of experts who are continuously delivering custom designed solutions. Whatever your bolted challenge may be, we’ve almost certainly got a ready-made solution for you, and if we don’t, we’re here to work together to find one.

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