Boltight has been at the forefront of hydraulic bolt tensioning for over a decade. Our tensioning tools provide fast, accurate and safe solutions to tighten and loosen multiple bolts simultaneously.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

Boltight solutions make it possible to tighten and loosen multiple bolts simultaneously using high-pressure hydraulics.

Bolt tensioners stretch the bolt before the nut is wound down under zero friction, ensuring extreme accuracy, speed, uniformity and safety of any bolt tightening situation.


  1. A tensioner is attached to the bolt or stud
  2. High pressure hydraulics are used to axially stretch the bolt
  3. Bolt stretch/elongation creates the clamping force, as the bolt is stretched, the nut lifts clear of the flange
  4. An access window in the tensioner allows the nut to be turned down with very little friction
  5. When the hydraulic pressure is released, the nut traps the stretch in the bolt retaining the ‘load’


  • Tension is applied directly to stretch the bolt, meaning that no friction needs to be overcome
  • Applied load is very accurately controlled, as it is directly proportional to the pressure applied to the hydraulic bolt tensioner
  • Loss of load between applied and retained load after tensioning is 20% less than frictional loss associated with torqueing
  • Accurate residual load outcomes due to calculable load loss
  • Tensioning can be repeated

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