Tecnología Superbolt

Tecnología Superbolt

Superbolt fue la primera marca mundial en revolucionar el sector de las tuercas y los tornillos con la tecnología de los tensionadores multi-jackbolt o multi-tornillos (MJT). Desde entonces, nuestra tecnología se ha probado en cientos de miles de instalaciones exitosas y seguimos desarrollando múltiples soluciones para dar respuesta a la siguiente generación de retos de atornillado.


World Class Manufacturing

The Nord-Lock Group and it’s Superbolt manufacturing facilities have invested heavily in world class CNC machining operations. Our capacity for machining allows quick turnaround of standard and special multi-jackbolt tensioners and other related bolting products.

Most standard products are available off the shelf or in a short lead time. In addition, the engineering, manufacturing and production personnel have accumulated decades of knowledge and training in producing some of the finest threaded components and products in the world.

Quality & Traceability

Special attention has been paid over the years to developing and implementing our quality systems to work on highly critical and demanding industries. Quality control, including thread gauging and measurement systems, is standard operating procedure. Multi-jackbolt tensioner nut and bolt bodies are marked for full traceability.

Example of part marking information
Part number: MT-M36x4
Lot number: 7900
max. Load 457kN
Material code: CrM

Note: Information may vary. Custom markings possible upon request.


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