Which washer material should I choose?

Nord-Lock washers come in five different materials. How do I know which one to use in my application?

It is correct that Nord-Lock washers are available in five different materials. Two of the materials are offered as standard and work in a wide range of applications. The most common material is a through-hardened steel washer coated with a zinc flake coating. We also offer our washers in stainless steel in A4 quality. The stainless steel washers are surface hardened to safely secure all grades of stainless steel fasteners. For customers with applications in extreme envir­onments, fasteners in special materials may be needed. 

Which material to choose depends on the environment, see below table. If you need further assistance with choosing the right material for your application, you are always welcome to contact our material expert.

Material Application area Industry examples
Steel, EN 1.71825, Zinc flake coating All purpose Machine screws
A4, AISI 316L, EN 1.4404 Corrosive environment Most stainless steel applications
SMO 254®, AISI S31254, EN 1.4547 Salt water, Chlorides Food/Subsea/Pump applications
Inconel 718, ASTM N07718, EN 2.4667 High temperature Gast/Steam turbines, Heat exhausts, Turbo compressors
Hastelloy/Inconel C-276, ASTM N10276, EN 2.4819 Severe corrosive environments Acidic natural gas

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