Tips for Choosing the Right Bolt Securing Solution

Do you work with planned maintenance? Are you seeking a solution that will prevent bolt loosening in your applications? Depending on the application, bolt loosening can have profound consequences both in terms of cost and safety. But how can one select the right type of solution? Below are some tips to assist your quest in finding the right solution for your bolted joints.

1. Functionality

  • Locking ability - The method or product resistance to loosening, caused by joint flexing, vibration, dynamic loading or thermal cycling.
  • Reusability - Can the method or product be reused, for example during planned maintenance, or must it be discarded and replaced with new?

2. Worker safety

  • Some bolt securing methods and products have been linked to health and safety issues. For example, there is an established link between the use of tab washers and hand injuries.

3. Cost related to method or type

  • Initial cost - The combined cost of purchasing and first fit of the method or product.
  • Total lifetime cost - The combined cost of purchasing, fitting and maintaining the method or product over the lifetime of the application. It should be noted that repeated inspection, maintenance and retightening can be a significant cost to the operator/owner. Breakdowns and repair can add significantly to these costs.

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