An absolute scream

The idea behind a roller coaster is simple: use the laws of physics to thrill passengers by simulating danger with high speeds, big drops and inversions. But despite the hair-raising impression of being at risk, roller coasters are statistically the safest rides in theme parks.

Netherlands-based Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, one of the largest builders of roller coasters with rides at many of the world’s leading theme parks, for example the big ones in the United States, chooses Nord-Lock washers as part of its comprehensive approach to safety. The washers – about 200 pairs per train – are used on the steel-on-steel and steel-on-composite connections which are subject to constant vibrations, often up to 12 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The washers’ ability to prevent this vibration-induced loosening of bolts, plus the fact that the washers are approved by international certification organisations, lay behind Vekoma’s decision to choose Nord-Lock. The result is an adrenaline-filled experience that’s guaranteed to make you scream – without ever exposing you to danger.

Customer: Vekoma Rides Manufacturing
Ride: Suspended Looping Coaster
Height: 33 m
Track Length: 689 m
Inversions: 5
Max. Speed: 80 km/h

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