Engineering with a bite

For the past eight years the Viper Motor­cycle Company have created unique custom-made Super-Cruiser motorcycles that combine first-class engineering with elegant design. Over 80% of their motorcycles are made from proprietary parts, designed and created by Viper themselves, using the most advanced 21st century technology.

Last June Viper released their superbly crafted 2011MY motorcycle as an evolution to their 2009/2010MY line. The new bike is not only a high performing vehicle with Viper’s trademark proprietary parts and new Viper/Ilmor engine, but also beautifully designed with a keen sense of style.

While striving for the highest standards of engineering, Viper decided to implement Nord-Lock washers in eight locations, including turn-signal stalks and brake rotors. By using Nord-Lock with zinc-based plated bolts instead of thread-lock and chrome-plated bolts, Viper avoids chrome build-up and binding, which can damage well-engineered joints and significantly reduce the torque applied.

The Nord-Lock bolt securing system allows for quick and easy torque checking without breaking a thread locking material, which is a huge advantage when servicing and maintaining critical fasteners. No fastener using Nord-Lock has ever lost any clamp load.

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