On time on the mainline

Speed, comfort and luxury are all very well, but any stressed commuter can tell you that the most important attribute for a train is reliability.

Škoda, the Czech industrial giant, has been building itself a reputation for getting passengers from A to B on time since its first electric locomotives hit the rails in 1927. To date, more than 5,500 have been delivered.

Škoda Transportation’s latest state-of-the-art model is the 109E/CD380, designed and liveried by the Porsche Design studio and the first locomotive to meet stringent TSI safety standards. The locomotive is able to reach speeds of 200 km/h with a fully-loaded passenger train in tow, which means considerable dynamic loads and vibrations on key structures such as the bogies.

Škoda has turned its back on bolt securing solutions such as castle nuts and spring lock washers in favour of Nord-Lock washers. Each 109E has about 2,500 pairs of Nord-Lock washers ranging in size from M5 to M30 on bogies, bumper assemblies and mounting other equipment under the main frame of the locomotive.

Customer: Škoda Transportation
Model: 109E/CD380 electric locomotive
Top speed: 200 km/h
Width: 3.08 m
Nominal output: 6,400 kW
Length over buffers: 18 m

Nord-Lock Group l On time on the mainline