On top of the Globe

The futuristic Ericsson Globe has come to dominate the Stockholm skyline with its distinctive golf-ball structure being visible for miles around. Now it offers panoramic views of Stockholm from the roof, courtesy of the new Skyview elevator.

Consisting of two round glass gondolas, the Stockholm Skyview travels along the outside of the building’s circumference to the top like a moon orbiting a planet. The superb unobstructed views will no doubt make the Ericsson Globe one of the Stockholm’s must-see destinations.

Creating a funicular railway to the top of the largest spherical building in the world has its logistical problems. Swedish company Liftbyggarna, who ordinarily manufacture ski lifts, have had to be inventive, even using mountain climbers and helicopters. Construction has required over 40 tons of reinforced steel, while the Skyview rail itself weighs 70 tons and each gondola weighs 7 tons.

Locking it all in place are over 10,000 bolts and Nord-Lock washers. From past experiences, Liftbyggarna have tremendous confidence in the security and sturdiness of Nord-Lock’s tight locking products – vital in a project where safety considerations are absolutely paramount.

Customer: Liftbyggarna AB
Product: Stockholm Skyview
Globe Diameter: 110 metres
Globe Height: 130 metres above seawater
Globe Volume: 605,000 cubic metres
Rail length: 100 metres
Rail weight: 70 tons
Gondola weight: 7 tons

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