Sail of the century

A Royal Huisman yacht is not so much an ocean-going vessel as a floating work of art. The Dutch family-­owned company, founded in 1884, creates some of the world’s most prestigious yachts which, despite their elegance and beauty, can handle the worst the seven seas have to offer.

Royal Huisman’s demands on quality and attention to detail extend throughout the 30–90 meters (98–295 ft) long vessels, from the sumptuous interiors to the very latest navigation technologies. When the shipyard was looking for a bolt-securing solution that could handle the dynamic loads unleashed by the harsh marine environ­ment, it turned to Nord-Lock.

The team at Vollenhove, in the heart of Holland’s maritime industry, uses Nord-Lock washers at key points throughout the structure: on the reel winches; for attaching spreaders to masts; for attaching bow and stern thrusters; for mounting the steering pedestal and the transom door. Each yacht is custom built and meticulously crafted for a discerning clientele who demand perfection – and get it.

Customer: Royal Huisman
Vessel: SY Meteor
Type: Schooner rigged sailing yacht
Length: 51.59 m
Displacement: 298.3 tons
Hull speed: 14.6 knots