A Cut Above the Rest

Trying to cut through steel requires powerful blades, yet the Rapid Cut 16 can slice through a 16mm thick steel bar like a pair of scissors cuts through paper.

Proyecsa SCCL has been manufacturing high-quality wire cutters in its factory just outside of Barcelona since 1974. Over the years, it has continued to develop and expand its range and currently manufactures twelve different models of its Rapid Cut series, which are able to cut through everything from high tensile wire to reinforcing steel bars.

In assembling its cutters, Proyecsa uses Nord-Lock as it has found that these have consistently provided secure joints with accurate preload. Previously the company used castle nuts. However, the need to drill holes in bolts made the process expensive. The blades were also frequently coming loose, potentially causing serious injury.

When Proyecsa read about the Nord-Lock bolt securing system in a trade magazine, it knew it had found a safer, more cost-effective solution. Now all cutters are fitted with Nord-Lock. When supplying spare blades to customers, Proyecsa includes Nord-Lock washers, and always recommends and specifies the use of Nord-Lock in its machines.

Customer: ProyeCSa SCCL
Model: Rapid Cut 16
Weight: 18 kg
Maximum cut: 16 ø (Steel up to 70 kg/mm2)
Speed: 10 cuts per minute
Maximum pressure: 8.5 bar
Consumption: 48 Lt./cut at 7 bar

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