Bulleyes! Right on target

The Challenge

In the world of archery, accuracy is everything. The latest high-tech compound bows use a system of pulleys to produce ferocious amounts of power, but that power is useless if the arrow does not fly where the archer wants it to. Therefore the sight on a compound bow is of utmost importance. However, the accuracy of these sights can easily be affected by the sheer forces involved, and screws are prone to vibrating loose. “When the screws first come loose it affects your aim,” says Philipp Knall, head of international sales at Japanese archery equipment manufacturer Shibuya Archery. “You don’t notice it, but your aim wanders off so your arrow will hit the wrong part of the target – which is, of course, a big problem for professional archers.” If force continues to be exerted on loose screws, they can break. “You have part failure and your competition is basically over,” says Knall.

The Solution

Shibuya had tried various solutions to this problem – which affects all sight manufacturers – including using larger diameter screws and various kinds of washers, but none had worked. Then Shibuya’s chief engineer came across Nord-Lock at a trade show for precision parts manufacturers, and soon realised that Nord-Lock’s solution would solve the vibration problem once and for all. Now four Nord-Lock washers are used at the critical points on Shibuya’s Ultima CPX compound sights.

The Result

The results speak for themselves: Christopher Perkins, a hugely talented 19-year-old Canadian archer who had been using Shibuya’s previous model, switched to the new sight and immediately set a new world record. From 18 metres, 59 of his 60 arrows landed within the 2 cm diameter bullseye at the centre of the target. And Perkins is not the only archer to be impressed by the performance of the new sight. “We’ve had extremely good feedback from our distributors and very noticeably increased interest from professional archers,” says Knall. “The main thing creating interest is the fact that it is more robust and more reliable than previous sights. The fact that the screws don’t come loose is an important factor in the reliable image that the sight has built up.”