Nord-Lock goes rock’n’roll

Customer: Anacon Technology
Latest Amplifier Model: Tubewonder
Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 118 dB
Weight: 19 kg
Input power: max 160 VA
Output Power: 55 W
Price range: from approx. USD 4,500

The guitar amplifier is a fairly invisible device on the concert stage, but it is just as important for the sound of the electric guitar as the bow is for the violin. The amp increases the power of the incoming electrical signal from the guitar, but its most important task is to bring out that specific sound in the guitar player’s head.

Anacon Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a company that specialises in manufacturing high-end customised guitar amps. These amps are built using electron tubes that require high voltage for their operation. As this voltage can be lethal, bolting is a big issue. Extreme vibrations during touring, with long-distance transport on trucks and planes, can loosen the bolts that attach the amp’s two electric transformers to the chassis. In the worst case scenario, the whole device could release a deadly charge of 500 volts.

Since 2006, Anacon Technology has been using Nord-Lock washers to secure the bolts in the amps. Their reliability has been proven during thorough vibration tests in accordance with electrical safety standards. The amp might be damaged or break down, but it will never give an electric shock to the guitar player or anyone else who touches it.

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