Ship propeller shaft on tanker

The Challenge

WPNL delivers the complete ship propulsion to NASSCO. For the connection of the flange, the ship wharf specifies Superbolt Expansion Bolts.

The Solution

Since the ship shafts are made at different locations and on different machines, the borings of the flange have to be fitted accurately and aligned on location when mounting the shear bolts. Superbolt Expansion Bolts eliminate this tedious step, because they can be tightened easily and quickly with standard tools.

2x10pcs EBC- ø65×198 on bearing coupling
2x10pcs EBC- ø65×298 on expansion coupling

The expansion bolts used here could theoretically reach a much higher peripheral load. However, this is being prevented because of the construction of the coupling. For this application the increase in safety is considered to be far more important.