In perfect rotation

Since 1947, trucks from all large manufacturers such as Volvo, Scania and MAN find their way to Swedish truck body builder Laxo Mekan AB for customised chassis construction work. The company is known in Scandinavia for regularly introducing new trailer solutions, with the 2010 hydraulic driven container rotator being its most recent innovation. With a 360 degree rotation, the rotator makes it possible to load containers off a truck in the exact direction required, regardless of the truck’s position. This has made it especially popular in the waste management sector, which is characterised by limited space and cluttered construction sites.

The first rotators were fitted with washers supplied by Nord-Lock, but after changing its bolt supplier, Laxo was talked into using similar looking washers from another company. However, these copies were not able to secure the 31 bolts that keep the rotator attached to the boom of the truck. As the bolts loosened, the rotator detached from the truck. Laxo therefore decided to revert to the proven solution, this time fitting the rotator with Nord-Lock X-series washers. Today, the copies are long gone – and so is the problem of bolt loosening.

Customer: Laxo Mekan AB
Material: Steel
Model: Laxo Container Rotator
Diameter: 2.1 metres
Net weight: 300 kilos
Rotating load capacity: 15 tons