The blade sticks to the handle

The Challenge

Fencing is a demanding sport, not only for the athletes but also on the equipment. In any competition a fencing sword is subjected to lots of movement and pressure, which can gradually loosen the connection between the blade and the handle.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fencing equipment, and the only one run by Olympic fencers, Leon Paul is continuously looking for ways of improving and developing its products.

Currently it supplies equipment to Olympic athletes, Olympic and other international competitions, including the 2012 London Olympic games, and even Hollywood films. Accordingly its products need to be of the highest quality, and loosening needs to be minimal.

The Solution

After being introduced to Nord-Lock products, Leon Paul decided to trial its washers, which were used to secure the nut connecting the handle to the blade. The new swords were then distributed to members of the British Olympic fencing team to see how they would hold up in competition.

The Result

Each of the athletes returned to Leon Paul reporting a significant improvement, and that the blade no longer came loose. In light of such results, Leon Paul has since taken the decision to fit Nord-Lock washers in all its swords.