Turning water into power

For over 35 years, Canyon Hydro has been delivering hydro-electric systems to customers all over the world, and has built up a reputation for efficient designs, quality components and comprehensive support throughout the system’s lifespan.

Each of Canyon Hydro’s turbines is individually designed to best meet the customer’s needs and work most efficiently at their chosen site, ensuring customers always extract as much power from the water as possible.

Canyon Hydro is continuously seeking out the highest quality components and currently uses Superbolt tensioners to secure the turbine’s Pelton runners – an absolutely critical connection, where the consequences of any bolt loosening would be catastrophic. Previously, Canyon Hydro has used fitted bolts. However, it switched to Superbolt tensioners as they are reusable and easy to reapply when replacing the runner. Superbolt tensioners also offer easy and accurate control of clamping force.

Product: Hydroelectric turbine
Runner weight: 1,225 kg
Customer: Canyon Hydro
Output: 5,150 KW