When the going gets tough

Off-road vehicles are built to handle what would break most cars and trucks. Whether driving through mud or racing up a mountainside, these vehicles need state-of-the-art technology to stay in top condition.

A beadlock is a crucial device on off-road vehicles, since it secures the bead of a tyre (the tyre’s edge) to the wheel of a vehicle – even in harsh conditions.

In 2015, Pro Comp USA – a manufacturer of high-quality tyres, wheels, suspensions and shocks for on- and offroad enthusiasts – contacted Nord-Lock about the high vibration requirements of the bolts on their beadlock rings. Pro Comp needed a better way to secure the rings. They also needed a recommendation for a tightening torque process that would enable them and their end-users to easily and properly install the washers.

At its Technical Center in Lyon, France, the Nord-Lock Group performed vibration testing on Pro Comp’s sample wheels. Nord-Lock then provided the optimal torque procedure, as well as design changes that further strengthened the joint. As a result of the successful testing, Pro Comp was able to meet the regulations and sell the wheels for off-road competitions. Pro Comp now uses Nord-Lock washers on every wheel they manufacture. 

Text: Chad Henderson

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