Is Extension Socket the Best Bolt Locking Method?

Extension sockets or Nord-Lock washers? Let us take you through the key parameters so that you can make the right choice.

  Extension Socket Nord-Lock Wedge-Locking
Locking capability Not reliable. May loosen eventually. Reliable. High and constant quality of the product.
Product range Not advisable for large bolts, as parts and assembly will be expensive. M3-M130 (standard range)
Clamp length Good flexibility in joint, since clamp length is always long. This compensates for settlements, but cannot prevent rotation. Safely secures both long and short clamp lengths, by preventing rotation.
Control over clamp load Due to the risk of loosening, lubrication is not recommended, which results in larger clamp load deviation. Locking function not affected by lubrication, which provides for good control over clamp load.
Reusability Reusable Reusable. It does not affect the reusability of bolts/nuts.
Used in confined spaces Limited use in confined spaces, due to extension body and long bolt. Bulky design solutions. Suitable for and easy to assemble in confined spaces.
Life cycle cost High. Relatively high price per unit. Eventual loosening will lead to increased maintenance costs and downtime. Low. Relatively high price per unit. However, improved productivity, minimized maintenance costs and reusability will lead to lower life cycle costs.

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