Stronger, safer bolting with FEA software

Nord-Lock Group's Finite Element Analysis (FEA) offers a fast and convenient method for calculating the risk of bolt failure. By entering the relevant data into the mechanical analytical software, including material and bolt length, customers can identify stress points in a given assembly and accurately calculate the risk of bolt failure.

“The main purpose is to help customers check their designs through simulation,” says the Global Business Development Director, Nord-Lock Group. “Using the software, mathematical formulas and models can be fine-tuned and perfected, reducing the need for ­physical experiments and tests.”

FEA also offers a convenient method for checking and comparing different bolting solutions, so that the best option can be identified. “Customers can use the software to perform simulations and see what works in their specific application,” adds Thonnerieux. “They can check if a fastener offers superior security, or if a more cost-effective fastener can offer the same level of security.”

Already, a number of Nord-Lock customers have used FEA to improve their designs. For more information about the software and technical advice, contact Nord-Lock Performance Services at

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