Traceability down to material and batch of axle

As of July 2017, a dot pin marking that includes the Expander System brand and lot number will be fixed on each pivot pin. This new feature offers added value for the users since it improves traceability and control.

Improved traceability with dot pin marking

With dot pin marked Expander System pivot pins you can ensure full traceability down to the material of the axle. Additionally, you can rest assured that you use genuine Expander System pivots in your application. Expander System customers have the most demanding applications and require maximum control. We are well known for our high quality production and our new traceability routines make us unique in the fastener industry.

Lot number included in the marking

With the lot number you can identify the material batch from which it was produced. 

Challenges behind the solution

The Expander System production sites in both Åtvidaberg in Sweden and DeWitt in the US, has conducted rigorous testing and quality assurance before the change. The implementation of the marking involved several challenges for the development engineers:

  • Integrating the marking in the production process: The Expander System production process consists of comprehensive tooling where each step undergoes quality control. Introduction of marking had to fulfill the quality requirements as well as integrate with previous processes.
  • Making the mark: The Expander System exist in a variety of sizes and with different material standards. The size and form of the digits and letters must be adapted to the product whilst still enabling readability.
  • Marking all pivot pins: Expander System pride itself on offering a vast range of sizes as well as customer specials. Integration of a marking with specific positioning and on all sizes is a big challenge.

We have ensured that the dot pin marking does not compromise the quality in any way, says Thomas Persson, Director of Expander System. It is a valuable improvement for customers who demand full control in their applications.

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