On site, offshore, under pressure

Dutch company Heat Solutions on Site BV (HSOS) is a leading service provider in the metal sector. Their services include heat treatment, machining on site, flange management and leak sealing.

Among its many assignments, HSOS is often brought in to undertake bolt tensioning and pressure testing of piping on offshore platforms, where leaks could potentially lead to disasters.

Customers have been very satisfied with the results, with no leaks being recorded. One example is Talisman Energy UK, which subcontracted HSOS when constructing a new 9,500-tonne oil platform off Aberdeen, Scotland. While not performing the pressure testing itself this time, HSOS provided all calculations and Boltight 1,500-bar series bolt tensioners for the project.

“The Boltight equipment is high-quality and easy to use with easy retraction,” says Marcus Sutton, Flange Management, HSOS. “The Boltight staff are fast and efficient, and they offer lots of engineering support. They don’t just sell you a product; they sell you a solution. And if they haven’t got it, they will engineer it for you.”

Customer: Heat Solutions on Site BV (HSOS)
Location: 207 km east of Aberdeen
Assignment: Bolt tensioning/piping pressure testing
End customer: Offshore oil platform
Product used: Boltight bolt tensioner