Piste perfect

Whatever slope a skier can ski down, this vehicle can drive up. Regardless of the angle, the pitch, the bumps and the dips, the extreme cold and driving snow, nothing stands in its way. The Leitwolf, produced by piste machine pioneer Prinoth, based in the Gröden Valley in the South Tyrol, is a state-of-the-art snow-grooming vehicle, boasting Pininfarina styling, immense horsepower and sportscar-like manoeuvrability.

Nord-Lock has been supplying Prinoth’s sub-supplier Leripa, Austria, with washers for its all-plastic drive sprockets since 2001. The washers are used to achieve optimal locking of the bolted joints on the sprockets, to prevent loosening caused by the oscillating and dynamic loads involved in the most challenging alpine operating conditions.

Customer: Prinoth/Leripa
Model: Leitwolf
Engine: 12.8 litre diesel
Output: 435 bhp
Torque: 2,100 Nm at 1,000 rpm
Grooming capacity: 100,000 m2 per hour


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