[NLO] A simple solution for an advanced machine

The Challenge

With the world’s appetite for LCD displays seemingly insatiable, Hyundai Robotics’ LCD handling machines are in high demand from LCD manufacturers. The Korean company produces around 40,000 industrial robots a year. LCD screens – which can be found in everything from smartphones to wristwatches – look like simple pieces of glass. In fact, the technology consists of liquid crystals, electrodes, polarising filter films and reflectors. Manufacturing is a complex process, which needs to take place in highly controlled and clean environments as dust particles can easily cause defects.

For Hyundai Robotics, this means its machinery needs to be clean and reliable. However, due to the robots’ repetitive movements, the company could sometimes see bolt loosening and dust generation in its LCD transfer machines. One customer in particular was experiencing frequent bolt loosening problems due to the weak floor structure in its plant.

The Solution

After exploring various options, Hyundai Robotics decided to use Nord-Lock washers on the arm of their LCD Transfer Robot. Nord-Lock washers are easy and effective to use while ensuring structural security for applications exposed to vibration and dynamic loads. The locking effect created by the geometric design of Nord-Lock washers completely eliminated all bolt loosening issues.

The Result

Not only do the bolts stay in place, the washers also have the added benefit of making maintenance easier and reducing production loses. For Hyundai Robotics’ end customers, this means they can save time, costs, and improve productivity. Building on this success, Hyundai Robotics is now working in close collaboration with Nord-Lock Group to identify other areas where bolt security can be improved. For example, the use of Nord-Lock washers will be extended to large-scale structures, such as the LCD-carrying robots, which are highly affected by external vibration.

Client: Hyundai Robotics
End customer: Prominent Korean LCD display manufacturer
Location: Daegu, Korea
Application: Key bolting areas on the 6G/8G/11G LCD Transfer robots
Solution: Nord-Lock washers

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