Nord-Lock Group – the first to introduce Lifetime Warranty


The Nord-Lock Group is proud to be the first bolting solutions partner to offer a full lifecycle warranty across all of its technologies.

That means the entire lifetime of the bolted connection for Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers and for Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners. 10 years/10,000 hours for Expander Systems pivot technology. And 3 years/10,000 cycles for Boltight tensioning tools.

“We field-test our technologies for thousands of hours, and put them through the most demanding trials their applications are likely to experience,” says Ola Ringdahl, CEO of Nord-Lock Group. “Backing them with the most meaningful warranty in the industry shows our relentless focus on quality. Our customers expect the best when choosing Nord-Lock as their partner in secure bolting solutions.”

The Nord-Lock Group was first to develop the wedge-locking washer. The first to develop the multi-jackbolt tensioner. The first to make pivot repairs with line boring and welding obsolete. And the first to unite the industry’s most advanced bolting solutions into one comprehensive offer. Now they are first with a lifetime guarantee – reflecting their commitment to being number one, right down to the warranty.

More information about Nord-Lock Group Lifetime Warranty


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