Expander System saves a day of work

Gamleby Forest is a logging company with a number of harvesters in their fleet. The machines generally operate year round and eliminating expensive downtime is always a priority at Gamleby.

Upon inspection of one of the harvesters, the machine operator discovered a wear in the lugs between the boom and pillars. The owner of the company, who often does repairs himself, had some experience with the Expander System in the past. He immediately decided to replace the original pin in the harvester with the Expander solution.

The whole replacement process took merely two hours. The Expander solution was installed directly into the worn lugs. The double-sided locking on the Expander pivot pin provided increased stability, security and minimized wear in the joint.

If Gamleby Forest chose to use a new original pin instead of pivot pin from Expander, they would have to transport the harvester to their workshop to mount the pin there. Practically a whole day would be required to complete the replacement. A traditional repair, moreover, would only solve the problem for the moment – wear would occur again.

After the replacement the harvester was back in the operation within a couple of hours and Gamleby Forest became yet another satisfied customer of the Expander System.