Revolutionize tensioning with the new Superbolt VersaTite

Bolting expertise combined

Mechanical tensioning and hydraulic tensioning are common methods to tighten large size bolts, each with its own strong advantages. Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners have been on the market since 1984, allowing bolted joints to be tightened mechanically without specialized skills or heavy tooling. But what if there was a product that combines the strengths of both Superbolt mechanical tensioning and hydraulic tensioning into one? At the Power-Gen International show in December 2016, a completely new generation of combined tensioning is introduced.

A world first in versatility

The new VersaTite Hydraulic Mechanical Tensioner from Superbolt will revolutionize the tensioning business by combining the speed and uniformity of hydraulic tensioners with the accuracy of Superbolt mechanical tensioners. Superbolt VersaTite gives versatility in multiple ways:

  • VersaTite products can be hydraulically pressurized to achieve a fast and uniform initial preload. The solution incorporates Boltight hydraulic tensioning with state-of-the art seal and pressure design.
  • The achieved preload of VersaTite products is easily controlled by mechanically applying the final torque utilizing Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioning.
  • Removal is just as versatile – either mechanical or hydraulic removal is possible. The operator chooses depending on location, amount of fasteners, space constraints as well as time and tooling availability.

Steve Busalacchi, tensioning specialist from the Nord-Lock Group comments: “Through research, close collaboration with customers and also through acquisitions our industry knowledge continues to increase. Superbolt VersaTite is a result of our efforts to understand and solve the challenges our customers face. Versatility in assembly and removal, safe and efficient operations, and increased application uptime are some advantages the new solution brings.”

The Nord-Lock Group is focused on providing secure bolting solutions. In addition to their wedge-locking solutions and Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners, Boltight hydraulic tensioners became part of the Nord-Lock Group last year and in 2016, Expander System pivot technology was added. The growing portfolio and knowledge vested in the teams behind the solutions truly positions the Nord-Lock Group as the global go-to source for all types of challenging bolting applications.

Steve Busalacchi continues “The mission of our group is to safeguard human lives and customer investments. The new product truly offers versatility in one nut – that is why we named it VersaTite. No drawbacks – just added benefits”.

VersaTite by Superbolt allows hydraulic and mechanical tensioning and removal – all in one nut. 


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