Is Nylon Insert Nut the Best Bolt Locking Method?

How do Nord-Lock washers compare with nylon insert nuts? This guide lists key parameters to help you make the right choice.

  Nylon Insert Nut Nord-Lock Wedge-Locking
Locking capability Not reliable. Variable efficiency of the product depending on quality of the nylon insert, on the manufacturer, and on temperature. Reliable. High and constant quality of the product.
Product range M3-M48 M3-M130 (standard range)
Temperature Efficiency decreases as temperature increases. The usual operating range set by ISO 2320 is limited to [-50°C; +120°C]. Same operating range as regular bolts and nuts, locking function not affected by temperature changes.
Assembly/disassembly Time-consuming operations for installation and dismantling, thereby increases maintenance time. Swift and easy to assemble/disassemble, even in confined spaces.
Clamp load deviation when tightening Larger deviation in clamp load due to friction-based locking. Lubrication not recommended. Possible to predict the clamp load. It can be lubricated, and thereby even further minimize clamp load deviation and torsion stress.
Reusability Not recommended for reuse. Reusable. It does not affect reusability of bolts/nuts.
Recyclability Consists of nylon and steel. Recyclable. Meets ELV and RoHS directives.
Life cycle cost Variable – from low to very high – depending on application. Involves high mounting costs due
to time-consuming installation.
Low. Relatively high price per unit. However long life cycle, reusable, improves productivity and minimizes maintenance cost.

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